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Reeling in Something New

"We have this certain hope like a strong, unbreakable anchor holding our souls to God himself. Our anchor of hope is fastened to the mercy seat which sits in the heavenly realm beyond the sacred threshold."

~ Hebrews 6:19 ~


In just nine short weeks, we are diving into Emma's ELEVENTH Annual Fishing Tournament. We are so incredibly blessed to host yet another amazing event in honor of sweet Emma, and we are so grateful for our friends at Mullock Creek Marine for sponsoring and supporting us through this journey. (For all other information regarding the tournament for this year, click on our"Events" page for how to get involved.) In addition to the fun and excitement, there's something Emma's Team is reeling into shore that's not so slimy and scaly as what's normally expected at a fishing event - something new and extraordinary.

Years ago, amid of the chaos of intense therapy sessions and endless doctor appointments, God began to spark a stirring inside of Emma's mom - Michele. She began to wonder, "What if I could impact - not only Emma's life - but also lives of other special needs children who desperately need the medical and therapy attention? What if my testimony as a parent of a special needs child could reach and spark hope for another parent of a special needs child? What if events juxtapose to the tournaments that have supported my daughter could support someone else's child?"

The unknowns and uncertainties of "what ifs" somehow - with the invention of God's hand - turned into a vision. From this vision, we are launching a non-profit entitled Emma's Hope, INC.

Whether it's financial, emotional, or spiritual, we desire to support and see children with special needs champion their inabilities alongside standing with their families through the quandaries that come with caring for a special needs child.

Sadly, we do have to share, this year's tournament will be the last year where all funds raised will exclusively go towards Emma's Medical Trust Fund. However, we sense something great and influential is at the end of this line that's been cast, and we believe we're on the verge of reeling in something new!

Hope to see y'all on October 19th! Love y'all from the bottom of our hearts!

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