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Our Story

Our Story

Who is Emma?

Our story begins with Emma.

Emma is the girl who inspired Emma's Hope, Inc. When she was three months old, Emma was diagnosed with a pediatric optic pathway hypothalamic glioma astrocytoma - a rare, pediatric low-grade brain tumor. Sweet girl was given a year to live. Although she declined physically, her spirit was full of joy, laughter, and love. Despite the doctor's expectations, Emma continued to fight life-altering cancer and won the victory; for, today she is seventeen years old and thriving!

Although the tumor still resides in her hypothalamus and optic nerve - causing blindness, low muscle tone, hormone imbalances, a speech impediment, and difficulties with mobility skills -, she is a living miracle!

The seed of vision

One thought became the seed of vision.

Years ago, amid the chaos of intense therapy sessions and endless doctor appointments, God began to plant a thought and spark a stirring inside of Emma's mom - Michele. She began to wonder, "What if I could impact - not only Emma's life - but also the lives of other special needs children who desperately need the therapy attention?" One thought grew into more thoughts. "What if I could support children with disabilities and their families financially through events like our tournaments that support Emma? What if my testimony as a parent of a special child could resonate and spark emotional and spiritual support for another parent of a special needs child?"


The unknowns and uncertainties of the"what if's" somehow - with the intervention of God's hand - turned in to a vision. From this vision, we launched the non-profit Emma's Hope, Inc. 


Her hugs - healing.

Her story - extraordinary.

Her hope - Jesus.

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